How it works

1. Check out our current role opportunities

Browse available volunteer roles by type, location or hours.

2. Register your interest

If you find a suitable role, complete the registration form on the page and we’ll contact you to arrange a time to chat with one of our Volunteer Advisors. There is no obligation – it’s simply a conversation of possibility. If you are unsure of what role you are interested in, you can still register your interest to volunteer and we can discuss role options with you further. Do contact us if you would like help completing the registration form.

3. Talk with a Volunteer Advisor

When you first register your interest to volunteer, we will contact you to arrange a time to talk with one of our Volunteer Advisors. If you can't find a suitable role, then register via our Talk With Us page.

4. Referral to the Volunteer Organisation

If you find a role you are interested in, we will contact the community organisation offering the role and make arrangements for them to contact you and discuss the role in more detail. There is no obligation to take on the role - just an opportunity to talk about it and find out if it works for you and you would fit in well. If you are undecided about what role(s) you are interested in, you do not have to decide straight away – you are welcome to contact us again after you have given it more consideration.

Following up

If we refer you to a volunteer role, we will contact you two weeks after your initial visit to ensure that the community organisation has been in touch about your selected role. We will keep in contact with you until you are happy with the outcome for the volunteer role(s) you have chosen.

Still have questions? Check out our volunteering FAQs.