Why volunteer?

Stay active and have fun
Volunteering is good for your health!
Develop confidence
Your whānau will be proud of you
Enjoy new social and cultural interactions
Make a positive difference
Connect with your community
Develop existing skills and learn new ones
Gain work experience, boost your CV, gain a reference
Grow your networks

What positions are available?

A wide variety that changes all the time! Scroll through the positions via the ''Current Positions'' link (under Want To Volunteer) for a list.

How do I get a voluntary position?

You can search for available positions online and apply for any that interest you.
If you are in or near Gisborne, you can contact us to arrange a time to come in to chat with one of our team. We can talk about what volunteering you might be interested in, and share a little about the roles available.

How much will it cost me?

Whether you come in and see us or sign up online, our volunteer placement service is free.

Do I need a C.V.?

No, not for the chat with the Gisborne Volunteer Centre, however the organisations that you apply to may ask to see your CV.

Do I need qualifications?

There are some jobs which require a person to have specific qualifications. However, most of our jobs do not require formal qualifications.
Training is often provided on the job.

Will volunteering result in paid work?

Volunteer work gives you useful experience, contacts and a reference. Occasionally a volunteer position does become a paid job.

Do you check references or do police checks?

We will tell you if a police check is required for the role. We do not check references or do police checks. Many of our organisations complete police checks before you start your voluntary position with them.

What are my obligations?

Your obligations as a volunteer will include such things as turning up for work on time, doing the job to the best of your ability, and getting on well with the people you work with.
You will be told what the organisation expects from you before you accept a job.
If you are a volunteer, you must take reasonable care of your own safety and take care not to do anything which could harm another person. You should follow all reasonable safety instructions given to you when you are volunteering at one of our member organisations, so that they can comply with their Health and Safety obligations.